Watch the talks from the Writing Openly miniconf at LCA2015

By all accounts the first ever open source documentation miniconf at Linux Conference Australia was a great success, packing out a room at the University of Auckland for about 3 hours.

If you couldn’t be there, stress not. All of the talks were recorded!

David Ryan, founder of the Corilla project, talked about the Ten Surprising Lessons I Learned from Launching an Open Source TechComm Startup

Deb Nicholson from Mediagoblin talked about how to find an awesome open source project to work on, and how to attract the best people to your project.

Dr Maia Sauren talked about how and why to document the inner workings of communities.

Lana Brindley did an interactive session on the idea that every page is page one.

Raghavendra Prabhu‘s talk was about why so many open source projects fail at documentation, and how you can get it right.

Sven Dowedit credits his getting a job at one of the world’s hottest open source startups to his time spent voluntarily improving documentation.

Alexandra Settle told us about her experience with documentation sprints and swarms.

And Divya Muntimadugu wrapped up the day with her talk on Tools for the Documentation Life Cycle – The Open Source Way!

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